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Medical Laboratory Technology Courses

A job oriented course after 12th, which is related to the field of medical science.

Medical Laboratory Technologist or Technicians are allied healthcare professionals. Their main task is diagnosis of disease in patients referred to them by Doctors.

Become a medical laboratory technologist or technician in India, one must study professional courses related to the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. It can be said to be a paramedical course. The course trains students in aspects such as learning about various diseases, their detection and diagnosis. Techniques such as operating electronic and electrical lab equipment, patient record keeping and progress monitoring are also taught in this course.

Do you know how a Doctor treats his/her patients? The treatment process starts with observation of symptoms in patients and diagnosis of the disease. It is after diagnosis that a Doctor arrives upon a conclusion and prescribes medicine/surgery or whatever the best solution is.

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Diagnosis of the disease is the stage when MLT professionals come into play! In many cases, Doctors refer the patients to medical labs so that they may get tested and correct diagnosis can be made. MLT professionals, by testing samples of urine, blood, stool or other body tissues, makes the correct diagnosis and sends the report back to the Doctor.

At first, the role of a medical lab technician might seem simple and small. On looking closer, one will be able to realize how they play a crucial role in the treatment of patients. A correct diagnosis is the first step that will lead patients towards effective treatment. So, the task of medical lab technicians is very much important.

Courses after 12th with Science (PCB) :

You can pursue diploma courses, bachelor’s course, and master’s course in the field of Medical Laboratory. The courses offered in Medical Laboratory are mentioned below:

  1. :

    • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  2. :

    • B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  3. :

    • Master in Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Master in Clinical Research Technology
    • Master in Microbiology
    • Master in Bio Chemistry
    • Master in Hematology, etc