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Why Digital X-Ray?

Making the transition from analog to digital could bring several advantages to X-Ray imaging. These would include improvement in contrast and other aspects of image quality by means of image processing: radiological images could be compared more with those obtained from other imaging modalities, electronic distribution of images within hospitals could make remote access and archiving possible, highly qualified personnel could service remote or poorly populated regions from a central facility by means of 'Teleradiology' and, Radiologists could use computers more effectively to help with diagnosis.

X-Ray films are no longer taken to a darkroom or an automatic film processor to be developed in chemical tanks. With Computed Radiography, the imaging plate is run through a special laser scanner to read the image and transferred digitally to the computer to appear on the screen. The digital image can then is viewed and be contrasted or color-enhanced for better visibility.

With Computed Radiography, minor exposure faults can be corrected digitally, saving time and the danger of excessive radiation exposure to the patient.

Computed Radiography enables health workers to reproduce images on mediums other than film. Digital images can be documented on CDs, printed on high-quality X-ray film or simply viewed on a computer monitor.

In these days of hi-tech investigations, are X-Rays getting redundant? No, X-rays are the most cost-effective means of diagnosis, particularly when diseases of chest, bones & joints are concerned.

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