Special Education

Special Education

Introduction Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation is a condition which comes in to existence because of damage in brain call done to known & unknown reason. It makes physical & mental growth slow in comparison to normal individual mentally retarted children are not similar and they differ due to their severity and problem.

Problem in Mental Retardation

Mild Mental Retardation [Cognitive Delay]
Moderate Mental Retardation
Sever Mental Retardation [Intelligent Disabilities]

Why Important to Treat or Educate?

Activity of daily living Skills
Self help Skills
Prepare in Vocational

How to Treate

Special Educate
Teaching Learning material (T.L.M)
Separate Room

Why we are best in Services provide or educator?

Our first motive is able to do activity of daily living skills and independent.

Teaching Setup
Puzzles / setup
Experienced Educator

Introduction Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism taken from the greek word ‘Auto’ self.

Triads of Impairment

Impairment in Socialization, communication and Language.

Autism Spectrum disorder

PDD(NOS) Autism Asperser CDD Rett

PDD(NOS) => Pervasive Development Disorder not other specified

CDD => Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Problem in Autism

Impairment in Socialization, Communication and Language
Mainly Non Verbal and unwanted behavior

Why important to treat or Educate

Independent, Activity of daily living skills behavior manage.
Prepare in vocational

How to treat

Special educator, Teaching learning material, Flash cards / cards, Communication Board PECS, TEACCH

Why you are best in services provide or educator

Our first motive is able to do activity of daily living skills and independent
Exercise – Reinforcement Teaching Setup / Structure Puzzles / Games Experienced Educator

Introduction Cerebral Palsy

The terms ‘Cerebral Palsy’ is the combination of two words.

1. Cerebral – Concerning to the brain
2. Palsy – which mean Paralysis

Hence the meaning of cerebral palsy is a paralysis of brain. Resulting in motor posture related disabilities in appears in the primary development period of life. A child with cerebral palsy delayed motor development with poor motor control. The abilities of reaching, grasping, lifting, caring, manipulation of objects also get affected.

Problem in Cerebral Palsy

Mild. Moderate, Sever
Limbs Affected
According to evidence of Severity
According to number of affected organs
According to diagnostic symptoms

Why important to treate or educate

Our first motive is able to do activity o9f daily living skills and independent.


Experienced Educator
Games / Puzzles
Teaching Setup / Structure

Introduction Hearing Impairment

Hearing Impairment means to be unable to listen or hear people with hearing impairment have difficulty to hear sounds and sounds of their environment.

Problem in Hearing Impairment

Mild Hearing
Moderate Hearing
Server Hearing
Profound Hearing

By Birth

Why important to treat or educate

Prepare in Vocational Communication - Verbal and Non-Verbal

How to treat

Non Verbal
Special Educator

Why you are in services provided or educator

Experienced Educator
Provide Structures
Prepare in Vocational

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